Webinar – Predicting mobility of off-road vehicles on soft terrains with Altair EDEM simulation

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Off road vehicles face some of the most challenging environments in the world – from free-flowing desert sand to gravel dirt tracks and sticky muddy terrains. Realistic modelling of terramechanic behavior is key to understanding the mobility characteristics of off-road vehicles and predicting how changes to the vehicle and terrain will impact the dynamic behavior.

Multi-body Dynamics (MBD) models of off-road vehicles can be used to predict behavior on hard surfaces; however, when the vehicle is simulated over a deformable terrain, traditional approaches cannot fully represent the dynamic interactions of the vehicle and the soft soil.

In this webinar we will introduce Altair EDEM, bulk material simulation software. EDEM accurately represents the behavior of rocks, soils and ores and can realistically model a variety of terrains from soft-soil, dry sand, to rugged gravel surfaces. Integrating EDEM with MBD tools provides great realism in vehicle mobility simulations and enable engineers to predict the behavior and performance of off-road vehicles in a variety of off-road environments and to study complex manoeuvres which otherwise might be restricted. This allows engineers to perform extensive “what-if” design analysis early in the design cycle and to reduce costs associated with physical prototyping.

Courtesy of Pratt & Miller

Join this webinar to find out how leading companies in the defence sector such as Pratt & Miller Engineering benefit from EDEM.

Topics covered:

  • Off-road environment challenges
  • Approaches to soft soil modelling
  • Introducing Altair EDEM software
  • EDEM – MBD solution and coupling overview
  • Application examples: wheeled vehicles, tracked vehicles, side-by-side vehicles
  • Live Q&A with our engineer

Presenter: Ignacio Diez Alonso, EDEM Engineer
60 mins + time for questions