Webinar – Modeling Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes Using Particle Simulation

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Efficient handling and processing of particulates is critical to profitable manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Over 75% of all pharmaceutical products are in the solid dosage form and particulates are involved in almost every stage of the manufacturing process.

EDEM simulation software accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of granular materials such as powders, tablets and capsules. It is a powerful tool used to model common pharmaceutical manufacturing processes such as mixing, blending, granulation and tablet coating. This technology can provide key insights leading to optimized processes and innovation in product design.


This webinar will introduce EDEM simulation technology, discuss its main applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing and show how it can provide key information on processes otherwise difficult or sometimes impossible to measure.

Topics Covered:
• Context
• Introducing EDEM simulation technology
• Calibration tests for powders
• Pharmaceutical applications of EDEM:
– Powder mixing/blending
– Tablet coating
– Tablet breakage
– Die Filling
– Granulation
– Milling/Grinding
• Q&A

Presenter: Dr. Marina Sousani, EDEM Engineer
Duration: 30 minutes + time for questions