Webinar – Modeling Fluid-Particle Systems using EDEM with CFD

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Many industrial processes involve fluid flows laden with solid particles. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a well-established tool to investigate problems involving fluid flows but it presents some limitations when it comes to representing the particle phase. This can be overcome by adding the insight of EDEM – Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation.


Coupling EDEM with CFD can realistically simulate the interaction between fluid and particles. EDEM-CFD co-simulation has been used to investigate a wide variety of systems such as fluidization, pneumatic conveying, filtration, solid-liquid mixing, spray coating and many others.

Topics Covered:
• Modeling fluid-solid systems: challenges & limitations of CFD
• Introducing EDEM
• Why couple EDEM with CFD
• Applications examples using EDEM-CFD coupling
• EDEM-ANSYS Fluent coupling example

Duration: 40 minutes + questions
Presenter: Dr. Richard Wood, DEM-CFD Engineer, EDEM