Webinar – EDEM Academic – Simulating Granular Materials Behaviors

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Learn more about EDEM Academic and discover how this leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation software can take your research to the next level.

EDEM simulation of a screw auger

Topics covered:

This will be an introduction to EDEM Academic software, how it works, its key capabilities and how it is used in a range of research fields and engineering disciplines.

  • What is EDEM?
  • Research areas and examples
  • EDEM Components: EDEM Creator, Simulator and Analyst
  • Customizing EDEM with the API
  • CAE Integration: co-simulation with CFD, FEA and MBD
  • EDEM Academic Partner Program

Duration: 40 minutes + time for questions

Presenters: Cesar Barreto, EDEM Engineer & Jennifer Currie, EDEM Academic Program Manager

Who should attend?

Professors, students and researchers from all engineering disciplines looking at processes involving particles, granular materials and bulk solids.