Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (GVSETS)

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The Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (GVSETS) & Advanced Planning Briefings for Industry (APBI) will be taking place between 3rd-5th November 2020 as a virtual event. This three-day event brings executives, program managers, engineers, and other key decision-makers together to discuss initiatives, programs, plans, and technologies in the ground systems domain for both manned and unmanned systems.

The technical sessions include:

  • Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (AAIR)
  • Mobility
  • Modeling Simulation and Software (MS2)
  • Survivability
  • Vehicle Electronics and Architecture (VEA) & Cyber

The EDEM team will be presenting the following as part of the ‘Modeling Simulation and Software Technical Session‘ on Tuesday 3rd November, 2020 at 2pm.

Development of Soft Soil Models Using the Discrete Element Method (DEM) for Two-Way Altair EDEM + MBD Off-Road Mobility Simulations
Callum Bruce, Representing Altair Engineering
Dr. David Curry, Principal Engineer, Altair Engineering
Stefan Pantaleev, EDEM Engineer, Altair Engineering










In addition, Altair’s channel partner Enginsoft will present the following paper on Tuesday 3rd November at 1.40pm:

Addressing the Soft Soil Towing Capability of a National Recovery Vehicle Using Next Generation Modeling & Simulation Tools
Michael Cole, Mechanical Engineer, U.S. Army CCDC GVSC
Jill Goryca, P.E., Mechanical Engineer, U.S. Army CCDC GVSC
Dr. Amandeep Singh, Branch Chief (A), U.S. Army CCDC GVSC
Dr. Brant Ross, Chief Solutions Officer, EnginSoft USA

For more information visit the event’s website.