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Course CS02A: Coupling EDEM with ANSYS Fluent

This course introduces the EDEM CFD Coupling for ANSYS Fluent which enables users to run co-simulations of Fluent and EDEM to model  particle-fluid systems.                             EDEM_ANSYS_Fluent_eLearning

Course length:
This is a short course that comprises 2 lessons. You will find out how to download and compile the EDEM-Fluent coupling and you will be taken through a short step-by-step example of a fluidized bed.

How does it work?
Once you start a course, you can stop and come back at anytime. Your progress will be tracked and can be followed in the ‘progress bar’. After watching a video just click ‘Mark Complete’ to move on to the next one.

Note: Supporting files for this course are available from the EDEM User Forum which is open to EDEM users only.

Course Progress