DSIM Technologies Enhances Design Insight of Skid-Steer Loader Using EDEM and Adams

DSIM Technologies helps heavy machinery, mining, and track vehicle clients solve complex engineering problems using innovative physics-based simulation solutions.

Using EDEM coupled with multibody dynamics software Adams enables DSIM Technologies to increase the accuracy of system-level simulations in less time and effort.

Skid steer loader simulation


DSIM Technologies needed to provide design guidance on the sizing of hydraulic components in a new, high efficiency skid-steer loader. This needed details of the power required to operate the bucket attachment in varying material types.

Accurately representing the material loads acting on the skid-steer was paramount to addressing this need. Since the skid-steer loader was at a concept stage of product development, no physical prototypes were available and many design parameters were open for influence.

EDEM's Role

DSIM Technologies used the EDEM-Adams coupling to simulate the skid-steer loader in different operating environments.

An Adams model of the skid-steer loader with driving motions based on a typical operational scenario was quickly coupled with EDEM. By using EDEM’s extensive GEMM Database of material models, the skid-steer loading and unloading cycle was able to be tested in multiple piles of materials without any guesswork on the properties to use.

Following analysis, the much-needed power requirements to move different materials were determined for a set of driving motions.


By adopting the EDEM-Adams simulation solution, DSIM Technologies was able to gain increased design insight and provide their customer with more accurate results in less time than when using traditional load-estimation approaches.

Improved material modeling and simulation accuracy meant engineers could focus on design exploration and achieving an optimization potential that previously was not obtainable.


The images below show Material Force Vector applied to the Bucket in the Adams Model. Similar behavior has been seen in test data with buckets. This behavior has not been programmed into the model through empirical equations, this result is naturally occurring with the EDEM physics based material model interacting with the geometry of the Adams model.

With a coupled Adams and EDEM methodology, headaches associated with crude force models or exhaustive efforts to develop and correlate a semi-empirical mathematical approximation can now be in the past. DSIM Technologies has adopted a simulation solution of Adams coupled with EDEM allowing their CAE process to flourish and provide customers more accurate results with increased design insight in less time.

Darren Simoni, Principal DSIM Technologies

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