Companies worldwide that handle or process bulk materials deploy EDEM technology to optimize equipment design and performance, shorten product development cycles and enhance product innovation.

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  • EDEM simulation of skid steer loader using DEM with MBD

    DSIM Technologies Enhances Design Insight of Skid-Steer Loader Using EDEM and Adams

    DSIM Technologies helps heavy machinery, mining, and track vehicle clients solve complex engineering problems using innovative solutions. Using EDEM-Adams coupling DSIM Technologies efficiently increase the accuracy of system-level simulations.

  • EDEM Simulation of loaded truck body with ore or soil

    Austin Engineering Optimize Custom Truck Body Performance Using EDEM and ANSYS Software

    Austin Engineering is a leading manufacturer of customized dump truck bodies, buckets and ancillary products used in the mining industry. EDEM and ANSYS simulation software are used extensively to virtually test the design of their dump truck bodies.

  • EDEM Simulation was used for virtual testing of truck load body

    Reducing truck load body operating and manufacturing costs at VR Steel

    VR Steel designs, builds, and repairs fabricated mining equipment attachments, including truck load bodies. With EDEM virtual prototypes VR Steel can test new design options, custom designs for specific uses and build fewer physical prototypes.

  • EDEM Simulation of a dragline bucket

    Dragline Bucket Design at VR Steel

    VR Steel designs, builds, and repairs fabricated mining equipment attachments. With EDEM virtual prototypes VR Steel field-tests new design options, custom-designs for specific users, builds fewer physical prototypes and shortens the design cycle.

  • EDEM Simulation of Transfer Chute in mining

    Hatch Deploys EDEM BulkSim Solution for Mining

    Hatch Ltd. is a global supplier of engineering, project and construction management services to the Mining, Metallurgical, Energy, and Infrastructure sectors. Hatch deploys EDEM BulkSim to test and verify complex conveyor transfer point designs.

  • EDEM Simulation of Aggregate Asphalt Dryer

    Astec Re-designs Aggregate Dryer for Energy Savings

    Astec. Inc, a member of the Astec Industries family of companies, is a manufacturer of continuous and batch-process hot-mix asphalt plants and related equipment and services. EDEM has become an integral part of Astec’s design process.