New Discrete Element Method Jobs platform – Connecting DEM experts with companies

Over the years we’ve built a strong community of EDEM users from industry and academia with great expertise in the Discrete Element Method (DEM). Thanks to this great global network we have  successfully helped organizations find qualified candidates with DEM skills on many occasions.

DEM remains a very specialized field and, at EDEM, we are keen to help grow the adoption of this technology in many industry sectors. To facilitate this we have created an online group on the LinkedIn platform dedicated to jobs in the field of DEM.

The objective is to connect employers looking for candidates with DEM experience and professionals looking for a job where they can apply their DEM skills.

Over a hundred members have already joined the group and some great job opportunities have been shared by leading companies in the metals, pharmaceutical and mineral processing industries.

Group members can use this platform in 2 ways:

  • advertise vacancies within their company/institute for which they are looking for candidates with DEM expertise.
  • browse through the vacancies available if they are looking for a job where they can apply their DEM skills

Interested? Join the group here.

For those not on LinkedIn – if you have vacancies available, feel free to email us with vacancy details and we will advertise them on your behalf.


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