Season’s Greeting Video: EDEM’s Holiday Race!

As we are approaching the holiday season and the end of another great year, we have prepared a fun simulation video with EDEM software to get everyone into full festive mode!

Watch our special ‘EDEM’s Holiday race’ video and find out who will be first to pass the finish line, Santa or the Grinch!

For our EDEM users out there, here are some of the key features of the software that were used to create this video:

  • Snow was created using 1.5 million particles. An elasto-plastic contact model (EEPA model) was used in combination with the JKR cohesion contact model to get a behavior resembling snow that would stick to the ground.
  • Trees were created using Meta-particles combined with a bonded model to enable the branches to flex, bend and snap when impacted by the snow and sleigh.
  • Fireworks were created using Meta-particles (72 single sphere particles per meta-particle) with specific bonding parameters, enabling them to break when hitting a hidden geometry placed high in the simulation domain. The velocity of the Meta-particles was set so that the stress of the impact was stronger than the stress limit specified by the bond.
  • Initial images of the sleighs were created and rendered using a CAD package. The slope geometry was also created in a CAD software, with texture being added once imported in EDEM for improved visualization.
  • This simulation was run on GPU for fast processing time

*Please note this video was done for illustrative purpose only!