Protection Engineering Models Alternative Runway Arresting Beds with EDEM

Lebanon, NH (USA), August 18, 2008DEM Solutions, world leader in discrete element modeling (DEM) software and services is pleased to announce that Protection Engineering Consultants, of Spring Branch, Texas, has chosen to add DEM Solutions’ EDEM software to an already impressive arsenal of innovative software solutions used in their multi-hazard assessment and protective design consulting work.

Protection Engineering Consultants will utilize the EDEM modeling software in a current project aimed at developing new civil aircraft arresting systems for safely decelerating an aircraft that overruns a runway during landing or take off.

DEM Solutions’ EDEM software package will provide a way to model, test, and evaluate promising alternative granular materials and design options for the arresting systems by modeling the action of aircraft tires rolling through simulated aggregate arresting beds. EDEM offers a virtual representation of aggregate dynamics that would be very computationally expensive to achieve with a finite element code. The ability to directly input aggregate material properties into the various model scenarios will also reduce time and costs.

“We have been very impressed with the short model set-up time that EDEM offers,” commented Matthew Barsotti, of Protection Engineering Consultants. “The all-in-one interface makes pre- and post- processing a seamless process and allows the flexibility to change parameters in the middle of a simulation.”

Protection Engineering Consultants partners with government agencies, architectural and construction firms, and a variety of industrial and commercial clients to provide research, design and consulting services to enhance the physical protection of people, systems and the built environment. EDEM software may eventually be incorporated into a variety of projects involving assessment of, and protective design for, ballistic and vehicular impact attacks and accidents.