EDEM Users Make Big Impact at the AIChE 2010 Annual Meeting!

A total of 17 EDEM Users presented their simulation results at the AIChE 2010 Annual Meeting, held November 7-12 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The presentations included flow modeling, powder mixing, process optimization, mixing, milling, and DEM Material Model calibration—in a variety of EDEM application areas.

There was a large showing from our customers in the Pharmaceutical sector, as seen in papers on granulation, mixers, tablet coating, tablet attrition, tabletting, and powder technology–presented by Pfizer Inc., Purdue University, Rutgers University, Graz University of Technology and the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE), and others.

Other EDEM users presented on chute flow segregation, in-situ thermal processing of oil shale/sands, packed bed structural properties, and mixing. DEM Solutions engineers Stephen Cole, Elson Mourão, David Curry, and Wai Sam Wong; VP of Engineering, Richard D. LaRoche; and CEO, John Favier presented on the modeling of flexible particles and DEM Material Model calibration.

List of EDEM presentations:

Scale-up of High Shear Wet Granulation of Active Formulations Using a Dimensional Analysis Approach by Intan Munirah Hamdan, Purdue University, William R. Ketterhagen, Pfizer Inc.

Modeling of Flexible Particles Using DEM by Stephen Cole,Wai Sam Wong, John Favier, and Richard D. LaRoche of DEM Solutions

Characterization of Tablet Attritional Forces in a Friability Tester and Film Coating Pan Using DEM by Rahul Bharadwaj, William R. Ketterhagen, and Bruno C. Hancock of Pfizer Inc.

Modeling Inter-Particle Coating Variability in a Rotating Drum Using the Model of Khakhar Et Al. (1996) by Rahul Kumar, and Carl R. Wassgren of Purdue University

Intra-Particle Coating Variation: Analysis and DEM Simulation by Ben Freireich and Carl R. Wassgren, of Purdue University, and William R. Ketterhagen, Pfizer Inc.

Modeling a Continuous Granular Mixer: Periodic Slice DEM Models Vs. Full Blender DEM Simulations by Avik Sarkar and Carl R. Wassgren of Purdue University

Investigation of a Tablet Coating Process Using a Multi-Model Simulation Approach by Daniele Suzzi, Gregor Toschkoff, and Daniel Machold of the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE), Johannes Khinast of Graz University of Technology

Discrete Element Model (DEM) Material Calibration Using Grid Parallel Computing by David Curry, Elson Mourão, Richard D. LaRoche, and John Favier of DEM Solutions

Simulating a Chute Flow Segregation Tester by Tathagata Bhattacharya and J. J. McCarthy of the University of Pittsburgh

Development of CFD-Based Simulation Tools for in-Situ Thermal Processing of Oil Shale/Sands by Benjamin J. Isaac and Philip J. Smith of the University of Utah

Periodic Section Modeling of Convective Continuous Powder Mixing Processes by Yijie Gao, Fernando Muzzio, and Marianthi Ierapetritou of Rutgers University

Effect of Feed Frame Design and Operating Parameters On Powder Residence Time Distribution (RTD) by Rafael Mendez-Roman, Mayaguez, Luis Guillermo Obregon-Quinones, Carlos Velazquez, and Miguel Florian of the University of Puerto Rico, and Fernando J. Muzzio of Rutgers University

Effects of Blade Shape and Angle On Solid Particle Mixing Using 2D and 3D Discrete Element Simulations by Muhammad Shafiq Siraj, Stefan Radl, and Johannes Khinast of the Graz University of Technology

Optimization of Catalyst Impregnation Process Using a Combination of Experimental and DEM Modeling Study by Atul Dubey, Frank Romanski, Arthur W. Chester, and M. Silvina Tomassone of Rutgers University

Optimizing the Design of Eccentric Feed Hoppers for Tablet Presses Using DEM by William R. Ketterhagen, and Bruno C. Hancock of Pfizer Inc.

Experimental and Computational Study of Progress in Material Refinement by Mechanical Milling by Priya R. Santhanam, Alexandre Ermoline, Mirko Schoenitz, and Edward Dreizin of the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Experts in Discrete Element Modeling (EDEM) Validation for Packed Bed Structural Properties by Vaibhav Khane, Gary E. Mueller, and Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan of the Missouri University of Science & Technology

About the AIChE Annual Meeting:

This is the premier technical forum for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Each year this conference attracts chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth, covering a wide range of subjects relevant to latest research and newest engineering technologies.