EDEM Users Make Big Impact at the 2010 ANSYS South American Conference & ESSS Users Meeting!

A total of 12 EDEM Users presented their simulation results at the ANSYS-ESSS 2010 meeting, held October 19-22 in Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil. The presentations, which included two Keynote addresses, covered a range of topics, including the design of bulk materials transfer chutes, ore milling, screening and separation, blast furnace charging, fixed bed reactors, gravel pack modeling, and more.

List of EDEM presentations:

  • Keynote Address: EDEM: Increasing the performance and reliability of bulk materials handling and processing equipment by John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions
  • Keynote Address: EDEM: a Definite Tool in Successful Tailored Solutions for Martin Engineering by Javier Schmal, Managing Director, Martin Engineering Latin America
  • Blast furnace load simulation using EDEM by Guilherme Defendi, Anderson Baltazar, and Paulo de Freitas Nogueira of Vale; and Daniel Schiochet Nasato of ESSS
  • Optimization of Raw Material Transport in a Transfer Chute Using EDEM by Magno A. Calil Resende Silveira, Gustavo Lucas Rocha de Oliveira, and Bráulio Viegas da Silva of Usiminas; and Daniel Schiochet Nasato of ESSS
  • Analysis of a Banana Screen Using EDEM and ANSYS by José Cleber Rodrigues da Silva of VALE; and
    Daniel Schiochet Nasato of ESSS
  • CFD-DEM Coupling for Fixed Bed Reactor Simulations by Waldir Pedro Martignoni of Petrobras, and Daniel Bruno, Carlos Eduardo Fontes, and Ricardo Damian of ESSS
  • Computational Simulation of a Centrifugal Washer Using Discrete Element Method (DEM) by
    Edy Merendino of Tetra Pak; Nicolas Spogis of ESSS; and José Roberto Nunhez of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab (L-CFD) at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)
  • CFD-DEM Modeling of the Gravel Packing Process During Petroleum Horizontal Well Completions by André L. Martins and João V. M. Magalhães of Petrobras; and Jairo Zago de Souza, João A. Aguirre Oliveira Jr, and Carlos Eduardo Fontes of ESSS
  • Simulación Computacional de Harnero Vibratorio [Computer simulation of vibratory screen] by Leopoldo Jauriat, Universidad de Antofagasta – Chile
  • DEM-PBM Coupling in Modeling of Comminution Processes by Eng. Rodrigo M. de Carvalho and Luís Marcelo Tavares, Laboratório de Tecnologia Mineral (LTM), Coppe/ Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
  • Simulation of Fluidized Bed Characteristics using Discrete Element Method (DEM) and
    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) through EDEM-FLUENT Coupling by Daniel Portioli Sampaio and José Roberto Nunhez of Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp); and Nicolas Spogis and Daniel Schiochet Nasato of ESSS
  • Numerical Coupling Between DEM (Discrete Element Method) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) by Daniel Schiochet Nasato, Nicolas Spogis, and Fabiano Nunes Diesel of ESSS; José Roberto Nunhez of Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)