EDEM Makes Big Impact at DEM5

A total of 9 EDEM customers presented their simulation results at the Fifth International Conference on Discrete Element Methods (DEM5), held in London, England on August 25-26, 2010. Their presentations included flow modeling, powder mixing, process optimization, flexible particle modeling, mixing, milling, and DEM Material Model calibration—in a variety of EDEM application areas.

List of EDEM presentations:

Grid Parallel Computing System for Calibration of DEM Material Models by
Elson Mourao, David Curry, and Richard LaRoche of DEM Solutions

Calibration of DEM Material Models Using Optimisation Method in a Grid Parallel System
David Curry, Elson Mourao, and Richard LaRoche of DEM Solutions

Modelling Breakage Environment in Tumbling Mills Using DEM and Analyzing the Outputs
N. S. Weerasekara and M. S. Powell of the University of Queensland Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC); and S. Cole, and J.Favier of DEM Solutions

Comparing Experimental Measurements of Mill Lifter Deflections with 2D and 3D DEM Predictions by Johanna Alatalo, Bertil I. Pålsson, and Kent Tano of Luleå University of Technology

Modelling Flexible Material Using EDEM: Calibration and Industrial Applications
Stephen Cole of DEM Solutions

DEM Simulation of Ball Indentation on Cohesive Powders by Massih Pasha, Ali Hassanpour, Mojtaba Ghadiri of the University of Leeds

DEM Modelling of Particle Flow in a Turbula Mixer by M Marigo, D L Cairns, M Davies, A Ingram, and E H Stitt of the University of Birmingham

DEM Simulation of Particle Motion in a Paddle Mixer by Ali Hassanpour and Mojtaba Ghadiri of the University of Leeds; Hongsing Tan, Andrew Bayly, Prasad Gopalkrishnan, and Boonho Ng of P&G Technical Centre at Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Progressive Development of a Granular Pile of Binary Size Pellets by Yao wei Yu and Henrik Saxén of Turku University-Abo Akademi

About DEM5:

This conference brings together a diverse group of researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to discuss DEM and related modeling technology, approaches, and applications