Desktop Engineering Editors Select EDEM 2.3 The “Pick of the Week”

The latest release of EDEM® software, EDEM version 2.3, received special attention from the editors at Desktop Engineering during the week of June 28, 2010–naming EDEM 2.3 the “Pick of the Week”.

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Editor at Large, Anthony Lockwood, explains in his
“Editor’s Pick” article why DE chose to feature EDEM software by DEM Solutions. “EDEM is made for engineers whose valuable time is better spent running analyses and not coding some one-off application,” notes Lockwood. “If you have anything to do with bulk solids handling and processing, you need to know about EDEM.”

The DE article, “ CAE Simulates Particle Flows, Bulk Material Handling” summarizes EDEM 2.3 state-of-the-art technology for simulating bulk materials flow and the associated business benefits of integrating EDEM into the engineering design workflow.

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