DEM Solutions Supports Kansas State University to Deliver Short Course on Bulk Solids Handling in Industrial Processes

EDEM® Hands-on Workshop Provides DEM Simulation Experience to Attendees of the KSU International Grains Program Short Course on Bulk Solids Handling, Storage, and Flow

KSU Workshop1

EDEM Hands-on Workshop presented by David Boush, DEM Solutions (standing center)
and Josephine Boac, Research Associate and EDEM workshop instructor (standing right)
DEM Solutions was a proud co-sponsor of the Kansas State University International Grains Program (KSU IGP) recently held short course, entitled Bulk Solids Handling, Storage and Flow, which included a hands-on workshop where attendees gained experience using EDEM® discrete element method (DEM) simulation software from DEM Solutions.

The course, which was aimed at individuals responsible for processing and handling bulk solids in grain processing, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, drew attendees from across the Americas. Members of the KSU IGP and industry representatives discussed solutions to common bulk solids flow problems encountered during storage and transportation, such as caking, agglomeration and segregation, and described best practices for sampling, measuring and characterizing particle properties.


International Delegates of the KSU-IGP Bulk Solids Handling,
Storage, and Flow Short Course
Dr. Kingsly Ambrose, Assistant Professor in the Department of Grain Science and Industry at KSU, was encouraged with industry response to the course, which is planned to become an annual program. Dr Ambrose commented, “Based on the feedback from the participants, the short course served the purpose of further educating industry personnel on the bulk solids handling concepts. The lectures by industry personnel added value to the short course by exposing them to real-world challenges and solutions for bulk solids handling.” As to the hands-on EDEM Workshop, Dr Ambrose added, “The participants really enjoyed the EDEM lab session and all of them had a great time in simulating the flow of grain through a screw conveyor using the EDEM software.”

Course instructors from KSU included: Dr. Kingsly Ambrose; Carlos Campabadal, a specialist in grain storage and feed manufacturing; Hulya Dogan, Associate Professor; and Josephine Boac, Research Associate, who delivered the EDEM Workshop . Guest lecturers included: Madhusudhan Kodam of Dow Chemical Company; Mark Friesen of Vortex; Prof. Carl Wassgren of Purdue University; Ron Atkinson of Fike; John Yin of Freeman Technologies; and David Boush of DEM Solutions.
About the KSU International Grains Program
The Kansas State University International Grains Program (IGP) provides technical assistance in promoting and exporting cereal grains and oilseeds and to assist with market-development efforts. IGP achieves its mission through technical-training and assistance programs in storage and handling, milling, marketing and processing. IGP supports marketing activities by national farmer commodity organizations and partners with the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.