DEM Solutions Collaborates with CNH to Deliver Workshop on EDEM Application in Design Validation and Performance Testing of Agricultural Machinery

CNH Presentations and DEM Workshop at CSBE/SCGAB 2013 Focus on Value of EDEM® Simulation & Analysis in the Design of Combines, Planters and Tillage Tools


DEM Solutions recently collaborated with CNH to present a hands-on DEM Workshop in association with the 2013 Annual Meeting and Technical Conference of the Canadian Society for Bioengineering / La Société Canadienne de Génie Agroalimentaire et de Bioingénierie (CSBE/SCGAB), held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on July 7-10, 2013.The well-attended workshop, titled Validating Design Concepts by Modeling Crop & Soil Flow in Agricultural Equipment using the Discrete Element Method (DEM), was held at the CNH Training Centre in Saskatoon and drew engineers from industry, academia and government institutions.

The DEM Workshop brought together industry leaders DEM Solutions and CNH to present state-of-the art uses of DEM simulation in the design of agricultural machinery. The program included four case studies presented by engineers from CNH, focusing on the application of EDEM® simulation technology to the design, performance testing, and optimization of combine harvesters, hay and forage equipment, tillage tools, and seeder/planter/fertilizer equipment. Workshop presenters included Dr. Eric Veikle (CNH), Dr. Martin Roberge (CNH), Fiona Smith (CNH summer intern), and Ryan Roberge (contracted by CNH).

The presentations were followed by an overview of the EDEM software platform, presented by David Boush of DEM Solutions. Attendees then completed two hands-on exercises, using EDEM Classroom™ edition, to model grain handling in a combine harvester and seed/fertilizer placement with tillage tools.

Dr. Martin Roberge, who organized the workshop, is the manager of the crop/soil flow modeling team (part of the Design Analysis and Simulation Group at CNH Ltd.) and is also an adjunct professor at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Engineering. He has utilized DEM simulation in his work for 15 years. Dr. Roberge explained, “Employing EDEM software at CNH has allowed for an accelerated pace of machinery development to more fully understand crop-machine and soil-machine interactions. The unprecedented level of model customization that can be achieved through the EDEM API allows us to obtain the results we need to drive product innovation at CNH.”

Dr. Joy Agnew, the Conference Chair and a project manager for Agricultural Research Services at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), commented on the CNH-DEM Solutions workshop: “We felt privileged to be able to offer this high-caliber and hands-on workshop to our academic and industry members. The workshop was very well received and all attendees commented that it was a great introduction to the software. The workshop was valuable to show delegates how the technology can assist with the design and optimization process.”

The theme for this year’s CSBE/SCGAB technical conference was “Interdisciplinary Engineering in Agriculture and Biosystems — working together to develop sustainable solutions” and included a wide range of topics, such as biomass, crop production, grain storage, machinery, post-harvest technology, and computer aided modeling and simulation.

Papers presented by CNH EDEM users at the technical conference included:

    • Modeling the Grain Handling System on a Combine Harvester using the Discrete Element Method by Eric Veikle of CNH, CSBE13072


    • Modeling Mud and Crop Residues for Scrapers on Tillage Tools using the Discrete Element Method (DEM) by Fiona Smith and Martin Roberge of CNH, CSBE13074


    • Modeling Seed Flow in Planter Tanks Using the Discrete-Element Method by Martin Roberge and Scott Long of CNH. CSBE13075


    • Modeling of Planter Vacuum Seed-Meter Using the Discrete-Element Method by
      Ryan Roberge and Chad Johnson of CNH, CSBE13077


  • Modeling Ground Engaging Tools and Seed Placement of Planters Using the Discrete-Element Method by Martin Roberge and Brian Anderson of CNH, CSBE13078


About CNH
CNH is a world leader in the agricultural and construction equipment businesses. Headquartered in Burr Ridge, IL, CNH was formed in the merger of New Holland N.V. and Case Corporation in 1999. CNH product offerings encompass a full range of equipment, from industry-leading tractors to specialty grape harvesters and massive combine harvesters, as well as agile skid steer loaders and powerful hydraulic excavators.

About Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI)
PAMI is a center for agricultural research and development of machinery, equipment, and processes. The PAMI mission is to enhance sustainability and profitability in agriculture and other sectors through research, innovation, adaptation and knowledge transfer.

About CSBE/SCGAB (Canadian Society for Biological Engineering/La Société Canadienne de Génie Agroalimentaire et de Bioingénierie)
CSBE/SCGAB is the technical Society for professionals interested and active in the scientific development and application of engineering principles to environmentally sustainable biological systems for the production of food, bio-products, and bio-energy.

About DEM Solutions
DEM Solutions is the market leader in simulation software and services for the design and optimization of bulk particle handling and processing equipment. The Company’s ground-breaking Discrete Element Method (“DEM”) simulation technology and expertise provides advanced engineering and operational benefits of the Company’s unique predictive modeling capability to all industries handling and processing bulk materials, enabling them to optimize equipment performance, increase productivity and operational efficiencies, and enhance product innovation. In addition to market leading EDEM® simulation software platform and EDEM BulkSim® software, the Company provides simulation and engineering support services to blue-chip companies around the world in mining & energy, equipment manufacturing and process industries.

Founded in 2003, the Company is headquartered in Edinburgh (UK) with offices in Denver (USA), Yokohama (Japan) and Shenzhen (China) supporting direct sales in Europe, Americas, Japan, China, and Australia, and channel sales in the rest of the world. DEM Solutions also works with a network of industry-expert engineering service partners worldwide, supporting customers in deployment of EDEM simulation technology to address engineering challenges involving bulk particles.



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