DEM Solutions Co-sponsors EDEM Seminar and Workshop with APIC in Taiwan

Well Attended Hands-on EDEM® Experience Hosted by National Taipei University of Technology

ESSS Award

Associate Professor Tai-Tien Wang of “Taipei Tech” guides attendees in setting up EDEM simulations during the hands-on workshop

A recent EDEM® seminar and workshop drew a full house in Taipei, Taiwan. The event, an introduction to the EDEM simulation platform, was led by Professor Tai-Tien Wang of the Department of Material and Mineral Resource Engineering at the National Taipei University of Technology.

Attendees performed hands-on simulation exercises utilizing EDEM Classroom™, software which is specifically developed for classroom and lab teaching environments. Simulation exercises included simulations for a screw auger, a conveyor rock box, and a SAG mill, plus a tutorial on creating bonded particles for modeling more advanced materials that can flex and break.
A veteran user of EDEM Academic™, Professor Tai-Tien Wang applies EDEM discrete element method (DEM) simulation software in rock mechanics research.

ESSS Award

The EDEM Seminar & Workshop drew attendees from across Taiwan

The National Taipei University of Technology hosted and jointly organized the event with EDEM China Distributor, Alpha Precision Instrumentation Corp (APIC). The event was open to all and drew attendees from several Taiwanese universities and institutions as well as from the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering.

The National Taipei University of Technology, one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan and one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions, is an EDEM Academic Partner Program (EAPP) member.

EDEM Academic™ is the DEM software of choice at over 170 academic institutions around the globe. For details on EDEM Academic™, EDEM Classroom™ and the EDEM Academic Partner Program (EAPP) please visit: