DEM Solutions announces new office in Germany

Edinburgh, Scotland, August 20, 2008 – DEM Solutions, world leader in discrete element modeling (DEM) software and services is pleased to announce a new subsidiary office in Frankfurt, Germany. DEM Solutions has seen significant growth in the use of particle simulation in this region, and this new office will provide support for the EDEM user base in all German-speaking countries.

DEM Solutions partners with both academic and commercial customers to improve products and processes by simulating and analyzing operations at the particle scale. First released in 2005, EDEM software is now used in the design and analysis of particulate handling and manufacturing operations in almost every industry sector and engineering discipline.

EDEM provides companies with a tool to substantially reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests required to get a product to market or a process on-stream. It is used to help troubleshoot difficult particulate processes and, because it is physics based, it can greatly improve understanding of system fundamentals leading to better product and process design and innovation.