Bohdan Dobrzañski Institute of Agrophysics at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin applies EDEM Simulation Technology in Advanced Agricultural Research

Researchers at the Laboratory of Physics of Granular Plant Materials at the Institute of Agrophysics are now using EDEM simulation technology to better understand the flow behavior of granular systems and to tackle tough challenges in the handling and processing of grains and other agricultural products. The Laboratory is well known for research on the relationship between the physical properties of plant and agricultural materials and their behavior during harvest, transportation, storage and processing.

“We have found EDEM to be a valuable tool for investigating the dynamic behavior of granular materials.” explains Dr. Joanna Wiacek. “EDEM simulation enables us to link material properties of granular plant materials at the grain dimension with processes occurring at the bulk material scale.”

EDEM simulation will be used to model mechanical processes involving granular plant materials during harvest, transportation, storage, and processing. Planned research studies will combine simulation with laboratory experiments such as compression tests, shear tests, silo filling and discharge to better understand the physics of these granular systems to support improvements in the design of agricultural and food processing equipment.

About the Bohdan Dobrzañski Institute of Agrophysics:
Research at the highly influential Institute of Agrophysics in Lublin, Poland includes studies of the physical properties of agricultural materials, sustainable agricultural production, and processing of agricultural products.

About the Polskiej Akademii Nauk (PAN) (Polish Academy of Sciences) :
PAN, a government-funded scientific institution founded in 1952, is comprised of 79 research establishments, including the Bohdan Dobrzañski Institute of Agrophysics.