The Need for Speed: New IForge GPUs Enable Faster Models, Simulations

DATE: 19th March, 2019 | SOURCE: National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Researchers in industry can now solve their most complex modeling and simulation challenges faster. The powerful iForge cluster at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at Illinois provides our partners in industry with the compute resources and user support they need to coax efficient performance and increased productivity out of even the most complex industrial applications […]

EDEM, a leading commercial Discrete Element Modeling software used for particle and bulk materials research, saw significant speedups on the iForge GPU queue when compared to Skylake CPU alone, especially when scaling across GPUs. In one series of comparisons, simulating 0.01 seconds of particle flow for 17 million particles in a slowly rotating box took 6.9 hours on 12 CPU cores, while using four GPU cards and just four CPU cores lowered the walltime to only 13.5 minutes.

After accounting for ancillary processes, the EDEM solver speedup was shown to reach 60 times! NCSA’s high-memory 32 GB GPUs also demonstrated computational advantages over standard GPUs: EDEM tests that had previously run out of memory with 16 GB GPUs were able to complete on the NCSA queue.).