Designing the Batteries of the Future

DATE: 15th October, 2018 | SOURCE: SIMULIA Community News

EDEM and SIMULIA collaborate to advance the use of simulation for Electric Vehicle battery design and performance.

[…] In 2016 EDEM launched the EDEM-Abaqus coupling. This innovation addressed a need that was seen in many industries to bring detailed data describing forces and pressures caused by the interaction of bulk materials on equipment and product structures. Engineers can now export realistic bulk material force data from EDEM into Abaqus FE simulations—leading to improved design accuracy and reduction of prototyping costs.

While this capability is most regularly used in ‘Heavy Equipment’ applications, following the Science in the Age of Experience Conference, EDEM and SIMULIA teams identified that the insight EDEM brings to battery simulation complements the solutions offered by SIMULIA. Both teams have now embarked on an R&D collaboration to understand how the EDEM-Abaqus coupling can be advanced to enhance predictions of battery performance.

The targeted EDEM-Abaqus solution is being developed jointly and will strengthen the link between production process parameters, materials selection, and the final performance of the battery. For battery manufacturers, this means even more investigations can be performed in the virtual environment, reduction in the dependency on physical testing, and ultimately help them deliver the battery technologies of the future.

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