How to optimize your multi-body solution to get faster results in less time – the experience of an expert Adams user

Darren Simoni, Principal at DSIM Technologies, presents his unique perspective as an expert Adams user who has been integrating EDEM bulk material simulation in his design workflow. In this video Darren explains the benefits of using EDEM coupled with Adams of MSC Software and goes through a case study of a skid steer and a grab bucket.

Here is a snippet of Darren’s story:

“I started toying with MBD coupled with DEM and I was just like blown away at how easy it was to mimic reality with no effort. What I was finding was, the complex physics were just transpiring naturally and nearly effortlessly in front of my eyes as I would just put together a pile of material, different types of materials interact with it and different motions.”

Watch the video for the full story!

This presentation was part of a webinar: “Adding realistic loads in Adams with bulk material simulation”. You can watch a recording here.

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