Customer Interview – Using EDEM at Pratt & Miller Engineering

Our Edinburgh-based team was pleased to have a visit from our EDEM user Jesper Slättengrenat from Pratt & Miller Engineering, a world class engineering company and industry leader in automotive, commercial, military and aerospace industries. We took this opportunity to ask Jesper a few questions about his use of EDEM.

Watch this video to find out:

  • What main applications Jesper uses EDEM software for
  • How Pratt & Miller did things before EDEM
  • What the business benefits of using EDEM are for Pratt & Miller Engineering
  • What Jesper sees as the main strengths of EDEM and its team
  • What the future of simulation is in his opinion

To find out about how Pratt & Miller use simulation and the EDEM-Adams coupling to perform virtual testing of their tracked and wheeled vehicles, read this case study.

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