EDEM simulation technology is used by a global community of more than a thousand researchers and students at over 300 academic institutions worldwide.

Whether you want to deploy Discrete Element Method in your research or want to expand your curriculum with a DEM-related subject, EDEM software can add another dimension to your research and help expand horizons for your students.

  • Combine DEM simulation with experimental investigation to understand processes involving particles
  • Develop new equipment and methods for bulk solids handling and processing
  • Investigate fundamental characteristics of particle systems



Modern user interface for quick simulation set up and instant access

Access to EDEM API

Write your own custom physics and simulate a virtually unlimited range of interactions

CAE Integration

Couple with CFD, MBD and FEA for complex multi-physics applications

Knowledge Sharing

Solve problems with the support of a worldwide community of academic and industry users

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Validated by over 1000 academic researchers at over 300 institutions around the world.
Find out how EDEM software is used in a wide range of research areas.


In my opinion EDEM is the fastest and the most versatile commercial DEM software on the market. EDEM’s advanced capabilities, customization options, and coupling module capabilities are major strengths, providing unique characteristics required for research on industrial cases.

Dr. Ali Hassanpour Institute of Particle Science & Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

EDEM’s advanced simulation capability and fast run times, using parallel processing, gives us the ability to simulate, visualize and analyze very large particle systems. The user-friendly GUI helped us quickly integrate EDEM simulation into our research, allowing us to publish results within months of deploying the platform.

Kuo-Ching Chen Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University

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