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EDEM partners with leading technology companies to offer comprehensive solutions to customers. These include:



Rescale™ is the global leader for high-performance computing simulations and deep learning in the cloud. Trusted by the Global Fortune 500, Rescale empowers the world’s top engineers and scientists to develop the most innovative new products and perform groundbreaking research and development faster and at lower cost. Rescale’s ScaleX platform transforms traditional fixed IT resources into flexible hybrid, private, and public cloud resources—built on the largest and most powerful high-performance computing network in the world.

EDEM simulations can be run on Rescale’s on-demand, HPC cloud platform, taking advantage of Rescale’s powerful, high-end hardware options and flexible EDEM pay-per-use pricing.

To find out more about running EDEM on Rescale watch this webinar.

this webinar.

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Particle Analytics

Particle Analytics

Particle Analytics provides cutting-edge technology to accelerate the preparation, visualization and analysis of Discrete Element Method simulation data of particles and industrial bulk solids.

Particle Analytics Iota-suite software extends the pre and post-processing capabilities of EDEM. This delivers additional insights into particle behavior by combining temporal and spatial averaging techniques.  This means users can increase their productivity by reducing simulation run time, as well as improving the decision-making process with faster and more detailed results, from their EDEM simulations.

For more information visit Particle Analytics’ website.

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