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EDEM partners with world-recognized experts in ancillary fields in order to provide customers with a range of support services, such as Physical Testing, DEM Material Model Calibration, and Comminution Modeling.

Bulk Materials Engineering Australia (BMEA)

Bulk Materials Engineering Australia (BMEA)

BMEA is a licensed consultancy of the University of Wollongong and provides optimal designs and solutions for bulk materials handling plants and processes in a range of industry sectors, particularly those involved in the mining, minerals processing, and transport industry. More than 500 companies and organizations have made use of BMEA’s bulk materials handling expertise and facilities.

BMEA supports EDEM customers in need of Material Model Calibration by offering the following services:

  • Bulk Material Flow Property Testing Services

BMEA performs physical tests to determine the flow properties of representative samples of bulk material provided by customers. BMEA has a range of testing devices — from conventional flow property tests, to novel, large-scale dynamic tests that are used specifically for use in EDEM Material Model calibration. Selection of the appropriate tests is made on a case-by-case basis to ensure that those flow regimes likely to be present in a particular transfer point are replicated sufficiently.

Laboratório de Tecnologia Mineral (LTM)

Laboratório de Tecnologia Mineral (LTM)

The Laboratório de Tecnologia Mineral (LTM), located at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, provides support and services to Brazilian and foreign companies through the COPPETEC Foundation, whose main purpose is the technology transfer and joint research with industry. LTM has completed over 80 projects for industry in the field of mineral processing, including ongoing partnerships with several universities and research centers across the globe.

LTM supports EDEM customers by offering the following services:

  • DEM Simulation for mineral processing

LTM expertise includes DEM simulation of comminution circuits for mineral processing, including modeling and simulation of ore crushing and grinding processes, as well as degradation of bulk materials during handling.

  • Lab & pilot scale testing for minerals processing

Various equipment are available for laboratory and pilot scale testing for processes such as crushing, grinding, classification, gravity concentration, magnetic separation, and solid-liquid separation. Breakage of single particles is analyzed using devices, such as the impact load cell, which are the basis for fundamental studies of fracture of particles and in the development of advanced DEM methods for design and optimization of industrial mills.

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