Visualization Contest 2018

Image Courtesy of Astec Inc.

Special Category

Professor Jin Ooi's Choice


Fluidized bed coffee roaster simulated using EDEM-CFD coupling

1st Place

Florian Schramm

Cristiano Pizzamiglio

Simulation of Maize Harvesting

Adam Kovacs

Simulation of fabric falling over obstacle

2nd Place

3rd Place

Jakub Hlosta

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Winners Gallery

Our guest judge Prof. Jin Ooi - a well-known figure in the DEM community and an expert in the field – chose his favorite entry.

“A very high quality and informative video showing an impressive application of DEM-CFD coupled simulation using EDEM. Beautiful to watch and demonstrating a great tool for interrogating a complex industrial system!”

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Braunschweig University

of Technology

Politecnico di Torino


Prof. Ooi commented:

Simulation of four-wheel steering rover for planetary exploration using EDEM-MBD coupling

Chris Saunders

Knut Krenzer

Akeem Olaleye

Simulating different material behaviors using EDEM standard and custom contact models

Simulation of rotary spader interacting with soil

Pneumatic transport of cohesive dairy powders simulated with EDEM-CFD coupling

IAB Weimar

University of South Australia

University of Limerick

Honorable Mentions

About the Contest

The EDEM Visualization Contest promotes simulation expertise in the field of bulk material simulation in engineering design, industrial R&D and academic research.

All users of EDEM software from industry and academia are invited to enter the contest by submitting their best EDEM simulation videos for a chance to win prizes as well as getting online publicity.

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